Integrated Systems

Ever improving technology has allowed increasing levels of integration between security and fire detection systems

Modern building services systems can be linked together in ever more sophisticated ways to enhance security, safety and the information coming out of any unexpected situation.

Our design and installation team’s extensive experience in the commercial and industrial sector, alongside our status as an approved agent and installer for many of the leading brands, ensures we stay at the leading edge of the market. With access to the latest fire and security systems and techniques, we can give you extensive monitoring capabilities and control of any risk situation.

Security monitoring

Round the clock CCTV monitoring can run up a substantial cost when the ideal situation is that the guards never need to do anything. Integrating intruder alarm systems with a CCTV system linked to a remote terminal is an effective solution.

A triggered alarm can alert any member of staff or security at home via a text message or e-mail, and the CCTV can immediately be accessed by secure web link to see whether the alert needs to be responded to.

Security lockdowns

Automated systems can react faster than even the quickest thinking security guards can, and one of the most simple system integrations can combine a zonal access control system with intruder alarm technology to trigger instant lockdowns.

Keeping intruders out or locking them inside, a site wide CCTV system can give you the information you need and broadcast live over a secure Internet link direct to the CEO’s home computer for fast and effective decision-making.

Fire control

Safety and damage control can be enhanced by integrating access control systems with fire alarms or smoke sniffer systems. A triggered alarm can automatically open up all building exits for a problem free evacuation, or get even more intelligent opening up occupied rooms and locking down everything else to prevent the fire spreading.

Easily combined with CCTV to monitor the situation from anywhere the system can be enhanced further with an intelligent fire alarm.

Integrated Security Systems

Integrated security and fire solutions for exceptional protection

Innovative applications of fire rated products, intelligent control systems and network capability can create solutions that exceed efficiency benchmarks, standards and expectations. Fully automated or human controlled, our integrated systems will change the way you look at protective monitoring and response forever. Accredited to LPS1014 and NSI NACOSS Gold we consistently deliver consultation, design, installation and maintenance at the highest end of our sector.

Enhanced safety and security for commercial and industrial clients throughout the UK and Europe with fully integrated systems designed, installed and maintained by the expert team at MECE

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